Expand PlotMe plotworld?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by rightfootmessi, Apr 22, 2017.


    If I go out far enough, this happens...[​IMG]
    Is there any way to expand the plotworld without creating an entirely new world?

    If not, is there any way to create a new plotworld and then import data from the old plotworld?
  2. You should upgrade to PlotSquared. It's far superior and this could be a bug with plotme since it's no longer supported.
  3. Plot^2 has way too many features that I'll never use. PlotMe is perfectly fine for my server. I don't need to switch plugins.

    Besides, I might have found a solution anyways...
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  4. Okay, as it turns out the generator was broken. I updated it and it works just fine on a new world. But the current plotworld I have is still screwed over, and I can't fix it.

    Now, is there any way to move plot data to another world? That would be a lot simpler than WorldEditing everything over.