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  1. Console Code

    Can someone help me fix this issue? I'm trying to fix this, it's really annoying.

    Bungee Config Code

    I've been getting this for days.
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  2. Can we see your bungee config?
  3. bungee codes in the message.
  4. bump, if anyone can help this would be great!
  5. md_5

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    Make sure your config is saved as UTF-8
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  6. On startup of the bungeecord server, it should tell you where the error is in your config
  7. I convert it to UTF-8 and it still converts back to ASCI, you mind giving me a hand?
  8. @md_5 please get back to me as soon as possible.
  9. Use the right editor like Notepad++ or PSPad...

    Try this:

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  10. still errors, but worked at first. Everytime I restart the bungeecord.. it errors.
  11. someone give me support
  12. I would create a new config as searching forever.

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