Spigot Experience Attack 1.2

Minecraft, but experience orbs attack you.

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    Experience Attack - Minecraft, but experience orbs attack you.

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  2. Optic_Fusion1

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    Your jar is WAAAAAY bigger than it needs to be, look into using maven to exclude dependencies from the compiled jar
  3. Have you tested this with mending? Since mending takes XP, it should not cause damage unless it is enabled in the config, or something like that...
    Very interesting concept by the way. I might use this to prank everyone on my server since my economy is EXP based.
  4. Fair enough, I didn’t really realize how big it is haha. I’ll look into it tonight, thanks.
  5. I haven’t tested it with mending yet, but having it not deal damage if it’s used for mending is a good config option idea. I’ll release an update later with that functionality :)
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  6. Stop shading all of Bukkit. You don't do any of it.
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  7. I don’t understand. I’m not trying to do whatever you’re implying. Are you talking about me saying I coded a plugin in the video? If so I understand, and will change my wording in future videos. I’m really not trying to shade anyone.
  8. Completely not what I'm talking about, you're putting Bukkit classes inside your .jar for no reason. Change ur maven settings.
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  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I totally misinterpreted what you were saying. Uploading the new fixed file now. Genuinely thank you for that haha. I'm still learning :)
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