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  1. Hello.
    On my spigot server we build Ilmangos goldfarm (pigman) and it's working pretty god. Our only problem is that the experience orbs keep merging together inside the minecarts (kill chambers using the entitycramming rule), and wont't reach the player standig in the middle (somehow they get stuck because they just keep merging). Is there any way to disable this? I have Essentials installed on the server, i think that might be the problem, and haven't been able to find a fix for in the config.
    Help is much appreciated :)
  2. iLemon


    In spigot.yml set
    Code (Text):
          exp: -1
  3. Thanks, it worked!
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  4. I have one more question for you :)
    When players drop items when spamming Q the items won't drop before the stop spamming Q. This also happens when using droppers and dispensers. Is it possible to fix this?
  5. md_5

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    Same thing, but for items not exp
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  6. '' filter-creative-items: true''
    Set to false?
  7. md_5

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    Is that the same thing?
    No mege-radius is the same thing...
  8. I dont think i understand
  9. Strahan


    He originally said "Same thing, but for items not exp", referring to the fix iLemon posted. Then you followed up with something that is totally not what iLemon posted, ergo his "is that the same thing?" comment. What the heck does creative item filter have to do with item merge radius? He is saying just adjust the item parameter of the merge-radius. It should be right there with the exp option.

    My kid does the same shit to me, drives me nuts. He was trying to make a USB bootable password crack using the one from I told him "type syslinux -ma f:" then a minute later sends me this screen shot asking why it didn't work:
    *facepalm* lol