Experienced Faction owners/players needed

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  1. Salutations,

    My name is Glitch and I am the Community Manager of a project that is currently undergoing development. I take care of the usual CM tasks, as well as gathering consumer research that can be used to best tailor our content to the demands of our audience.
    Our current focus is centred around the Factions community, and as such, we are seeking people who are experienced in the field who would be willing to help us collect data such as preferred cannon rules, playing incentives, popular content, et cetera.
    If you would be willing to do this, or know anyone who is, please don't hesitate to leave your Discord below or send me a private message on the topic.

    Thank you!
  2. Oh snap it's Glitch! haha :) Hey

    Anyway, I think this is best posted in recruitment
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  3. MC-Market staff recruitment or minecrafrforums would be a better place to find such people for a suited position as Spigot is (probably) mostly filled with server owners, developers, and freelancers.

    And for players, try and spread your server word to mouth to try to increase it's popularity slowly
  4. I'm banned on MCMK :p