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  1. I recently have been running a server named EvolvedMC. It basically was going well and in attempt I tried advertising. It god me 8 players however when my friend did it, he got us over 30+ players online at once. My friend does not play Minecraft anymore.

    I was wondering if There is an efficient way of advertising and what sites. I dont want it to cost too much. I just want a player base of at least 15 or higher.

    PS: I was looking into Minestatus but dont know if its a good idea.
  2. This website probably gets you the most players out of all. A bit too much sometimes. For best results, try advertising on Fridays or weekends

    This website gets you a decent amount of players. Although I think it is a European website, so note that there might be different timezones. Again, try Fridays or weekends for best results

    This website gets you a pretty good amount of players usually. This is Planet Minecraft and you can use this to create advertisements as well as threads to create and update your server with plenty of info

    This website gets an OK amount of players. It is probably the easiest to navigate and use though, as it's pretty straight forward.

    This website is the official Minecraft website. Like Planet Minecraft, you can create advertisements as well as threads to create and update your server with plenty of info. Although these guys are pretty strict, as advertising your server will most likely take the longest compared to other sites.

    This website gets you a few players here and there. Though I think your server stays up there the longest, because not many people advertise on there. Might have a good chance of more people seeing it.
  3. Your friend most likely continued bumping the server on PMC.
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    They were probably bumping the server on vote list sites like the above user said. Make sure you do that regularly and sign your server list up to any it's not already on.
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  6. Good banner + small lists where you can get on top = everything
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  7. He probably did xD
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    I suggesting reaching out to YouTubers and offering a YouTube rank on your server. YouTubers really help make the difference in your player base because that YouTuber's player will end up on your server and if the YouTuber likes it then most likely their subscriber base will like it as well! If you even have an acquaintance with one reach out to them! It could make the difference in your server!
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