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  1. hey,
    planning to set up a webshop and our IT guy told me to pick a package for 50-100€.
    I was checking online and found that CONTABO is by far the cheapest provider for large storage. This is almost looking too good for me...Any experiences with them??
  2. Depends what you're doing with the server; you mentioned storage, what sort of things are you storing?
  3. md_5

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    Some guy came on IRC the other day with a Minecraft server that was ridiculously laggy (you could see the CPU was potato/oversold) and he was using Contabo....

    Maybe their more expensive plans like you mentioned (50-100 euro are better)
  4. We want to set up a web shop, using our own, very customized system for this. Have you used contabo before @PiggyPiglet ?
  5. No, personally I haven't bought from them, but I manage my friends server who does use contabo. As md said before, their cpu's are shit, and most likely oversold, not great for mc, however for a web shop, it should be fine. I'd say contabo probably isn't the best choice though, it's honestly overkill. You're getting more ram and storage than you need, while sacrificing ddos protection. I suggest getting an ovh vps, it'll suit your needs perfectly.
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