Experiment on Personality and Minecraft Play

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  1. I’m a researcher at the University of Cambridge and I’m looking into how behaviour in a video game reflects people’s personality.

    The experiment consists of a ~10 minute personality questionnaire and an ‘adventure map’ of about 20-30 minutes worth of fairly simple puzzles, and we use some server plugins to record what you do in the game. The only personal information recorded is your username, which is removed from the data once we’ve matched it up with your questionnaire responses. We have approval from the Cambridge Psychology Research Ethics Committee (PRE.2017.015), so it’s not going to be used for anything untoward.

    The questionnaire is here https://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5mt08alwlb5Frdb
    The address for the server with the map is
    Currently the server's having an issue where you don't spawn in the right place (either on top of a snowy cube with a button to get inside, or inside a big room), but if you disconnect then reconnect you end up in the right place.

    Thanks to everyone who takes part!