Explaining: On what are premium plugin prices based?

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Maximvdw, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. How do you upload a premium plugin? Does it have any requirements?
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  2. It might take about a day before you'll be able to post a premium resource.
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  3. Useful to decide a price and useful to be sure you're not buying an unusual plugin, Thanks :D
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    RTFM = Read The Fucking Manual
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  5. thx really helpful
  6. Does the plugin publisher get the full 100% of the money made or does Spigot charge a percentage as well? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
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  8. Nice explanation :D
  9. It's not only you, dw.
  10. everything u said its exactly right bro :) 10/10 for the speaks
  11. Thanks for the explication :D
  12. Great post! Thanks :)
  13. Concise detail and helpful pointers for new developers like myself.
  14. Tanks fir The Nixe Tipps