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  1. lug


    On my test server, the following code stops explosions:

    However, on other servers it does not.
    The only difference is that the other have plugins such as essentials, worldguard, etc.

    Is there another way, or a way I can set it through code or through another plugin I can stop this when explosions take place?

    Thanks a lot,
  2. Worldguard > /rg flag __global__ tnt deny /rg flag __global__ creeper-explosion deny /rg flag __global__ other-explosion deny /gamerule doMobGrief false
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  3. lug


    Tried all of that :/
  4. Don't know... You could try to cancel the explosion event.
  5. Omnivion


    Try using different priorities for your event handler. What's with the int x,y,z?
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  6. lug


    Tried, still blows up stuff :/
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  7. Omnivion


    Add different handlers for each priority, and have it broadcast the blocks-to-explode. Also, if you're on 1.8, spigot has a blockexplodeevent.
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  8. lug


    I am now running 1.8.3 spigot and it wont work on my server (when the snowball explodes it still breaks blocks)

    I have 3 events,
    HangingBreakEvent (This works and stops it breaking item frames)

    The snowballs still break blocks, would you know anything else?

    Thanks a lot for the help this far :)
  9. Omnivion


    Paste the code for snowballs breaking blocks.

    And did you do what I said? Add event handlers for each priority, and list out the blocks that are exploding on each one.
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  10. lug



    When the snowballs hit, it simply creates an explosion where it lands
    What other Events can I use?
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  11. Omnivion


    Same event, different priority.

    Why not just set the explosion with the snowball to not break blocks?
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