Spigot ExplosiveEggs | [1.7-1.14] | BungeeCord & MultiArena 0.1.5

Run away from the Explosive Eggs or they'll grab you in the deepest areas

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    [MiniGames] ExplosiveEggs - Run away from the Explosive Eggs or they'll grab you in the deepest areas

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    [Added] Custom Motd, Version Support & more | V 0.0.4

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  3. Is multiarena or only one arena per server?
  4. One arena per server ( Bungee Typed GameMode )
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  5. Can you make a alternative to this plugin that spawns metiorites and it basically destroys the map but it i not a mini game style? just a /endofworld ad it destroys the spawn etc
  6. So you mean like another plugin that basically works like a normal meteorite?
  7. Ye kinda, but spawns it just like this but does not stop. I like this aspect bw would be good for a reset on easter map etc.
  8. Hmmm then it sounds more like a custom plugin for your server, i think the "hire developer" place is better for that
  9. I'll pm you soon
  10. OMG, your plugin is used on HiveMC?? Or is a copy?
  11. I found the idea about last year on an under forum of the hive with game ideas from users and on this year easter i found the idea from a Video that has been recorded on hivemc so i tryed to recreate it with some custom ideas that haven't been implemented from the user, so yes you could call this a idea copy or just a remake of a user idea ^^

    Edit: Their ideas were public on that date but they changed the forum to a silent idea post so noeone can no longer see user ideas
    Here 's the link
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  12. Oh, okay, even so is good
  13. i know is too much,Multi Arena ?