Suggestion Exportable CSV created by devs for perms & cmds

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  1. Have ever had to keep track of several plugins? It is quite a task to maintain relationships between group ranks, permissions, and command access.

    If there was a standard format on each plugin page that could be downloaded to csv,json,excel; it would make things much easier to import and maintain up to date record of. Since most plugins use these features, why not build it right into the dev publishing page. The page could then be formatted in a way that the information could be the same across all plugin pages as devs fall in line with the option add better unity to the spigot resource platform.

    So a form that allows devs to input permissions and commands. in a standard format.

    An optional way to display that standardized format.

    Give users a way to also use that data for their own server management.

    Just to give you a use case example:

    I type everything into a spreadsheet by hand, export to CSV and convert to JSON so that I can input it into a table similar to this example. This table retrieves its information from the json. My case isn't exactly normal I guess but I'm sure other users would find ways to use CSV that would be beneficial on its own right.

    My example case:

    By starting with a spreadsheet, it is very easy to hide rows with empty values. This really helps me trackdown important permissions to ranks, relevant commands etc.

    Taking it one step further. An available API for dev authors to offer version pings is something that could be beneficial as well but I'm not a programmer. I'm a programmer hobbyist and network guy.
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    There is: plugin.yml
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  3. I may misunderstand. Do you have an example? Or do you mean on the server? I also mentioned a few things. Which request are you referring to?
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    All plugin jars contain a plugin.yml file with exactly the information you suggested.
  5. Okay I see. That's extremely useful. Thanks MD.

    Now you have me thinking of ways to parse relevant information into other formats from there. I might be able to come up with a script to iterate and build data directly from that.
  6. Hint hint. JARs are just ZIPs with a different file extension. Here is a PHP script for grabbing plugin.yml from a jar.
    Code (Text):
    $contents = @file_get_contents('zip://plugins/'.$file.'#plugin.yml');
    Take a look at for parsing.
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