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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by md_5, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Current state: Please see: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/staminus-deals-for-the-spigot-community.1586/

    As many of you know, probably from experience, DDOS is a major issue in the Minecraft community, and something that can destroy servers. It isn't right that twelve year olds can take your server down for a whole day for only a few dollars, perhaps causing you hundreds of dollars of lost revenue and angry players. It also isn't right that in order to stop them you must pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month for basic DDOS protection. Here at Spigot, aside from being great guys, we know you shouldn't have to pay this amount of money for something you might not even use. This is why we are taking expressions of interest for a bulk DDOS protected server for use by the community.
    Essentially what will happen is we will purchase a large, substantially protected server (in excess of 1k/month), and then make this available for use by paying members of the community. At this point in time we envisage offering three different methods of protection for usage:
    • Hosted BungeeCord - You will be given ssh access to the server in order to run your own BungeeCord instance. To start with we will only be offering around 1500 slots, however we hope to increase this to 3000 depending on resource usage and server power. Recommend for existing bungee users. Not going to be available in initial rollout, still accepting expressions of interest though.
    • GRE Tunnel - If you don't mind a little setup on your end, GRE tunneling is the way to go, providing low latency protection and the ability to preserve players IPs. Recommended for Linux server admins who don't mind a little setup.
    • TCP Tunnel - This basic option will simply proxy all traffic to your server. It takes no setup and will work reasonably well. Unfortunately you will not be able to keep your players IP addresses. Recommended for Windows users, or those who want something quick and easy.
    In order to work out pricing and to decide if this is a viable service
    worth pursuing we need expressions of interest. If you want to take part we need some information from you: Server name, sever address + forums, maximum player count, prior DDOS experience (size, frequency), monthly bandwidth usage (if known), server host, desired protection type and whether a dedicated IP is required.
    If this concept does end up happening, spots will be limited and must be secured for 3 month blocks. The service will be designed to provide the lowest cost, and will come with terms, conditions and a privacy policy.
    Let us know your thoughts.
    Spigot team and community
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  2. Oh wow, MD_5, you think of everything.......

    How do i do a GRE Tunnel? I dont even know what a GRE Tunnel tunnel is! Any info page about it?

    Oh, and good show, If this can be accomplished, i think all people in spigot will be eternally grateful.

    Lets show theese blighters what we're made of!

    Oh, and if you do this, then i will state i am 100% interested.

    md_5, you are a hero!
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  3. This is ******* awesome.
  4. We are interested in case this is happening. Here by please keep us updated, please. -watches thread-
  5. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    If you are interested please post with the info I asked at the bottom of my post.
  6. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Its only a dozen commands, we will post a how to if need be.
  7. Server:
    Domain: www.Endcraft.net
    Connect IP: Endcraft.net
    IP-Address: (Soon to change, moving host soon)
    Current state: Averaging at about 70 players online.
    Current state: Laggy. Thats why im moving hosts. Then i can expand.
    Current host: www.farbyte.com
    Soon-To-Be Host: www.OVH.com (Same as jeff's)

    Why im interested in this:
    Today my server was down for over 2 hours due to DDOS.
    I keep getting about that same downtime every day. The problem is, they do it in short bursts, so if all players keep getting disconnected every 15 seconds, then they are likley to leave the server....
    i am currently unable to stop it.
    Attack goes up to 50MB (yes, megabytes, not megabits)/sec, and averages at about 20MB/sec.

    Monthly bandwith would be below 10TB, though i would be unable to measure it exactly as my current provider put a throttle on bandwith, new provider wont.

    All else i can say is that i love the spigot community, its nice having people to talk to (Who know what the hell you're talking about), and i really hope this does work out, because us server owners need to stick together, and as DDOS attacks rise, us server owners must rise to meet them.
    To the bitter end.
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  8. PM

    Why im interested in this:
    Been dddosed before, want to be procautious, interested in anything you offer. But mostly running big server and dont like jokes.

    Monthly bandwith would be below 10TB, i will ask soon.

    Read my post :p <3
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  9. jeff142


    Server: LegitPlay
    Domain: Legitplay.net / McServer.info / Mcsr.us
    Fourms legitplay.net/fourms
    Connect IP: Main is green.legitplay.net , a hand full of others also used
    IP-Address:, Main server smp, hub, red. "other" (hidden for ddosing) is factions, creative, event.
    Players, About 380 and growing (current limmit is about 550).
    Monthly bandwith.. ummm.. Lets say for safety 8TB
    Server host: OVH.com
    Dedicated ip : Yes!
    I would be interested in a bungee.
    Past ddosing: Every week or so, form 500mbps to 4gbps
  10. I really like the idea of this, I don't run any massive servers but I'm sure those of us in the community who do would benefit greatly from this. (Also just typing this to move it in public view a little more :p)
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  11. Server: Speex-Craft
    Domain: Speex-Craft.net
    Connect IP: hub.speex-craft.net
    IP-address: Unknown (don't know the last two digits, we use multiple IPs, could PM this)
    Current state: 10-20 players (due to all of our main servers still being setup, this is expected to grow rapidly, we have hardware for at least 300 players, is currently maxed out to 300)
    Host: RazorServers, considering moving to SecuredServers
    Bandwidth: Currently around 500 GB+, expected to grow with player growth, max. BW 10TB
    DDoS history: We have received many attacks, ranging from 80 mbps to 1500 mbps. Highest PPS we received was 250.000 PPS. We received over ten attacks per month, some lasted about three hours while others lasted well over 36 hours.
    Required protection: I believe the attacks were SYN FLOODS with spoofed ips on port 25565. Required protection would be against the most known types of DDoS.
    Dedicated IP: Yes, would be required.

    Reason for interest:
    I'm tired of being pulled offline due to some child using a booter or a botnet, but also those who actually spend serious money on getting us offline. However, with the price of our hardware and the few players we currently have, we can't support the costs for professional DDoS protection. We wish to stay online and grow our community with the ideas we have, this would be the perfect opportunity.

    We are looking for either a BungeeCord instance or a GRE-tunnel, I guess Bungee wouldn't create a higher ping for the players, while GRE would?

    Website is currently hosted off the dedicated server, but that might change in the future. We don't require any HTTP protection right now. If you require more information, please request and I shall supply.

    You sure came up with an amazing idea md_5, I have been watching and reading on SpigotMC for quite a while now (yes, I'm a secret reader and don't post a lot, if anything at all). A great project which we hope to be able to participate in.
  12. Server: MC KillZone
    Domain: mckillzone.com
    Current State: 70 - 150 players (looking to expand server is only 6 days old)
    Dedicated IP: Yes, required
    Server Location: Germany, looking for a Bungee host somewhere near there to keep a low PoP
  13. EatingEmoKids


    Fairly sure I saw his server in the top 5 sponsored position on minecraftservers earlier in the week.

    I'm interested in the shared ddos protection.

    Server Name: ConstantPvP
    Server Address: play.constantpvp.com
    Website: constantpvp.com
    Avg Peak Players: 100
    Max Peak: 150
    Low Players: 20
    DDOS Experience: 150mbps - 1.06gbps, previously once a month, becoming more frequent...
    bandwith usage (March): Transfer Out 1.99tb Transfer in: 505gb
    Protection type: GRE Tunnel or Hosted BungeeCord
    Dedicated IP: Yes
  14. EatingEmoKids


    Damn, can we just chill out here? This thread of supposed to be for the discussion of ddos protection. Nothing wrong with advertising, I do it every day.

    How many people would need to participate in order for this thought to become a reality?
  15. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Please no flaming.
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  16. Sorry..
    Ill delete those messages.
    Glad someone can come along and stop the arguments.
  17. md_5, i would like to know this too.

    Edit: uhm, i would definitley like to know, just got DDOSd with 50MB/sec again.

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  18. Sounds interesting md_5 . I agree that basic DDoS protection is a ripoff and your idea should work if the server resources can hold the load.

    My question: Will only Spigot server be supported or also default CraftBukkit, MC vanilla and modified Spigot/CraftBukkit servers?
  19. Well only the Bungeecord instance would be running on the DDOS protected server, so basically any of the three.
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