External Database, please help?

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  1. Well, I am on dark here...

    I have an network, around 30 servers. My host provides databases, but they have limited connections and even an entire database for each plugin is not good enough. I then wanted to make an external databases than I am able to control everthing.

    Ok, I hired an external host and i setup the database with their "Cpanel". they use the same "myphpadmin" so wasnt hard to figure out every thing.

    I made the database, the user and the passworld, all that works fine in the external host.

    When I try to connect the plugins they give like this error:

    [Server] WARN java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'imperiom_mcmmo'@'mc73.mc-panel.net' (using password: YES)

    mc73.mc-panel.net is a thing of my minecraft host. My external host is "webhosting2019.is.cc".

    I guess to all work out it should be like 'imperiom_mcmmo'@'webhosting2019.is.cc'

    But I cant find any way to change that.

    What I want is possible?
    This is something I can do in my end to make it work?
    This is something than only the host can do?

    Any information please....
  2. Have you allowed external access to the database in cPanel?
  3. yes I did, if i enter the IP adress they inform me I got this error:

    SQLException: null, message from server: "Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'"

    The interesting thing is their ip is

  4. mc73.mc-panel.net resolves to
    This suggests your Minecraft server has been blocked by the external cPanel host.
    You should contact them and ask them to unblock by running the flush-hosts command.
  5. Error comes from OP making the user with localhost as the host, nothing to do with his host blocking anything
  6. The second error shows that the IP of his Minecraft host has been blocked.
  7. I'm fully blind lol

    OP / his host / someone should also raise the connection limit on the server then
  8. Thanks got it! ty for the help!