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  1. It seems when you try and download plugins from external links that connect to a GitHub have stopped working. It was working fine about a week or two ago but seems to have stopped working.

    Replicate Steps:
    1. Open the incognito tab for the easiest results since it doesn't store cookies.
    2. Go to any plugin page with external GitHub downloads. Example: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/crazy-envoy.32870/
    3. It should have the Cloudflare DDoS check then it will go to GitHub and show an error page.
    Error Page: Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 5.33.17 PM.jpg

    • The redirect link is the correct link and if copied and pasted into a new tab the page loads perfectly fine.
    • It only happens when the Cloudflare DDoS check happens. This leads me to think it might be Cloudflare.

    • Something changed on Spigot that when trying to load the page after the Cloudflare page causes the issue.
    • Cloudflare could have changed how their DDoS checking works and causes this issue.
    • Github changed something and doesn't allow the redirect.

    I saw a post or two from some users on my spigot plugins and other spigot plugins where users can not download the plugin due to this issue. I am making this to see if anyone knows what happened and to bring this to people's attention.
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  3. I figured it would probably be that just want to make sure others who are having this issue know whats going on.
  4. Its been doing this on/off for me for a few weeks now.
    Click BACK, then click again and it works.
  5. Nice, I guess we will have tons of plugin updates for nothing in the next days / weeks...

    Alternatively, you can press CTRL-L (or CMD-L on Mac, or put the cursor in the address bar) then ENTER.
    It will resend the HTTP query without the POST arguments that Github seems to refuse now.
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  6. It doing the same for me.
    I hope that will be fixed soon by Github or Cloudflare.