Spigot ExternalBackups [DISCONTINUED] 1.2.0

Back-ups the server and uploads it to dropbox/external server.

  1. Z3r0byte submitted a new resource:

    ExternalBackups - Creates backups and uploads them to dropbox/external server.

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  2. Thanks!
  3. if i wanted to do monthly backups would 1M work?
    also can you make it so if i have dropbox enabled it wouldnt create a folder in the server folder
    also could you make it so it backs up everything even like the minecraft.jar and everything else
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  4. Does this plugin also save the world or just do a server backup?
  5. plugins and worlds only
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  6. I have a tip
    Could have how to choose the files that will be backed up
  7. For some reason I can't use /exbackup... It always tells me I have to wait 60 minutes and its already been a day...
  8. It does not work to authorizes to dropbox. The link doesnt work.
  9. Agreed. The link supplied when issuing /exdropbox no long works. Would love an update!
  10. Gereat plugin! But for comfort, could you add a timezone option in the config?
  11. how to use the dropboxAuthKey and dropboxAccesToken?
    I have lost my server
    (Google translator)
  12. "This app is unable to link additional users because it has been frozen pending review."
  13. hi when running the /exdropbox command the link you provide does not work. please provide a new link or fix this? hope this plugin is not dead, exactly what im after
  14. Yeah this plugin is dead bro.