Spigot Extra Hard Mode 3.15.0-e4f17b1

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

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    Extra Hard Mode - Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

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  2. This plugin was the main reason my server got a reputation for being "hardcore" (technically, plain hard mode, no death bans lol) and how I stayed away from providing yet another "every player is OP" sort of server. It was unfortunate when I had to remove it because support for per-world configuration was removed and never restored. Maybe you'll figure out something that I can bring back EHM to my members without having every enabled world using the same config. ;)
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  3. Yeah, I believe I remember reading a few comments in the tickets about that as I was cleaning it out. Go ahead and make a ticket with any ideas you might have on that, and I'll incubate it or something.
  4. I love using this plugin. Yet my players hate some of the features that I leave enabled. Though my server is not really active now after returning to back to MC, I'm sure stuff like this will help keep it unique!
  5. I was introduced this resource by kemmeo when we were discussing. Great ideas!
    I like the features in this resource such as Tree cutting, Farming and Block Gravity.
    I think this works more enhancing with this, which focuses on many other aspects.
  6. Hmm, yours is definitely interesting, although it seems it requires learning about "new" tools (and requires a resource pack?). Definitely a good idea though, requiring the use of tools. This one can force you to use TNT to "mine" stone, encouraging exploration vs. tunneling (although I have it disabled on my server).
    1. The resource pack is embedded via an external hosting(Bukkit only allows Resource Pack changing in Servers with URLs), for visual effects.
    2. For example, a flint hatchet(actually a wooden axe), carved with Flint and Sticks, but with a wooden texture, is weird.
    3. The resource pack is configurable to be disabled too.
    4. Pickaxes are still useful to break artificial rocky blocks. Furnaces, Dispensers, etc.
  7. That's a lot of bold text lol. so it just replaces what the wooden versions look like? Thought they were separate items, mkay.
  8. SpacePuppeh


    It'd be nice if this would integrate with CreeperHeal with all the explosions going on lol.
  9. Blocks flew away and blocks regenerated, possible duplication lol
  10. There are integrations for various block logging plugins. The explosions should be Bukkit-generated events, so no reason for CreeperHeal and related to not catch it. (In fact, I've had issues with other plugins disabling the extra explosions, and after hours of debugging and some good guesses, MobArena was the culprit (as well as ProjectKorra, but they pulled my fix).) Let me know if that's not the case otherwise.

    The flying blocks effect can be disabled, as well as being limited to not flying too far from the origin of the explosion to prevent messes.
  11. SpacePuppeh


    It's really strange, when I tested it, only with this plugin disabled would CreeperHeal replace the blocks. I'm not sure why...
  12. Was it replacing blocks from explosions made prior to disabling EHM? Or only explosions after EHM was disabled?
  13. SpacePuppeh


    I had both EHM and CreeperHeal enabled, and CreeperHeal was not restoring a bunch of creepers I sent off for testing.
    I restarted the server with just EHM disabled, then make creepers explode everywhere, and they all were repaired.
  14. Ah ok, thanks for clarifying. If you still want to test, see if it is able to repair creeper explosions when "Enable Custom Explosions" is disabled, and also with just "Enable Multiple Explosions" disabled - results from this will give me a better idea of where to look.

    Also made a ticket for this request: https://github.com/MLG-Fortress/ExtraHardMode/issues/39