Spigot Extra Hard Mode 3.14.2

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. RoboMWM updated Extra Hard Mode with a new update entry:


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  2. Thank you so much! I'm so ready!
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  3. Works in the 1.11.2?
    This is a remake of the old HCM of bukkit?
  4. Older versions of EHM will work.
  5. SlimeDog

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    What is the significance of the version string components?
    The published version is 3.13.0. I guess 411 is the internal build number, but what is 3.3.2? My automagical update checker wants to know. :)
  6. Weird. It should've been the commit hash - I wonder if a hyphen next to the $ makes it parse it oddly...
  7. Well, TIL the maven git-commit-id plugin will use a tag if any exists, and the commits after it (apparently it's been 411 commits since the 3.3.2 version was tagged). So that's interesting. I might try using that to version instead, hmmm... For now though I've changed it to use the commit hash.
  8. SlimeDog

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    There is a link on the EHM home page: GraviTree. With a little bit of creative search one can also find (alphabetically) QuickTree, QwickTree, Timber, TreeAssist, TreeGravity, and a few abandoned entries. They have varied features and levels of completeness. Try them, pick the one that suits your needs.
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  9. There's a link to it in the update notes .-.

    The quote you see there is an automatically-generated preview that significantly truncates it...
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  10. Aloha!
    Any way to toggle prevention of building while flying? I have a function to allow players to fly in specific areas but your plugin prevents them from using it. Thanks!
  11. Put a feature request on GitHub.

    The plugin automatically exempts on gamemode (there's a config for that) but I guess not on flying itself, probably not very common to allow normal players in survival mode to fly.
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  12. that, and not to mention turning your survival server into an "extra hard" server, why would you want to give them fly mode? Kind of defeats the purpose.
  13. Are you attacking me for making a request that doesn't affect you? Who does that? You don't even know how it works, or why I need it.
  14. No, it was not an attack towards you. Just stating a fact that if a server is trying to make itself extra hard using extra hard mode, it's highly unlikely they are going to give fly to a player.
  15. He's just asking a question, I don't see any attack at all other than explaining his own viewpoint along with the question. Could even take it as an opportunity to explain some unique mechanic on your server.

    As for me I don't care what server you put this on. I just slap this on my meme server because it has a bunch of cool stuff in it, namely the flying blocks from the explosions.
  16. Hi! This is fantastic! Made our server come to life! The only thing I have not seen is the Killerbunies yet? But I've only seen Rabbits in the Desert, and it might not affect them? Any chance of adding a Giant that is aggressive !! THANKS again
  17. Although this plugin isn't necessarily about introducing new hostile mobs, anyone can feel free to PR those feature requests as has happened in the past. You can add to github issues too, if those requests don't already exist there.
  18. Thanks! Just thought it might be neat with the stuff you have! Would the KillerRabbit only be a certain biome rabbit? I have it set to 40 and we have not seen one? All the other stuff is working fine. I also think the torches not working below a set "Y" is perfect.
    thanks again