Spigot Extra Hard Mode 3.14.2

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. Could I PM you with a few questions?
  2. Is there any particular reason why the questions must be PM'd?
  3. Because new version contains more options and features. I really need a feature, that allows to disable Ender Dragon minion spawning. Im using spigot 1.9.4 and the latest version of this plugin is not working.
  4. This option already exists as "EnderDragon.Harder Battle". The "Alternative Spawns" option is simply an alternate variation of mobs spawned.
  5. Could you add options to just have some aspects of the dragon fight more configurable? I want to keep the dragon agro-ing endermen but only spawn zombies and not blazes. Maybe an option to choose the mobs it spawns? Endermites in moderation would be a good one. Perhaps even an option got the dragon to shoot regular fireballs with fire.
  6. Ow, ok, sorry :D
  7. PRs are welcome. http://github.com/MLG-Fortress/ExtraHardMode
  8. Because that spigot method then isn't called. I'm not sure where this spider is being killed, is it near y = 1 or at sea level, y = 64ish? What blocks are below the spider - does it matter? Do you have any other error logs (perhaps it timed out on a different line, so I can determine if it's stuck in the loop or stuck with that specific line)?
  9. Bukkit 1.8.3 log:https://paste.ubuntu.com/23966709
  10. Interesting, seems like the vanilla watchdog stopped the server first that time. There should be a crash log I think. Otherwise set timeout in spigot.yml to a smaller value like 30.
  11. Well, the hang is occurring when you kill the spider. I don't see any sort of infinite loop in the code for that, but I can't determine if that's the case unless you give more watchdog crashes on that (change the timeout-time in spigot.yml from 60 to 30 or 20).

    As for "another way," no, I'm not aware of another way since this is not a known bug. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with 3.10 on spigot 1.11.2 (code for spiders is the same), leading me to believe it's either 1 of 2 things:

    a) you have a custom world with custom blocks(?) and spigot is hanging on checking the type of those blocks.
    b) there's a bug in (1.8.3) spigot when trying to determine the type of block
  12. Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to direct me to where I can find a format for items with meta data in the config. I wanted to add an item with meta data in the blacklisted items list for loosing items on death
  13. Can you elaborate on what you want to do that's not already available in the config?
  14. For instance I have an item (torch) that's been given a custom name (Flaming Torch) then there's some flavor text/lore underneath (Use it to light the way) then has an enchantment (efficiency 5) How would I put that specific item in the item blacklist for things to not lose when you die?

    Edit: I can add the torch by adding TORCH to the blacklisted items; but I can't specify to only blacklist a torch called "Flaming Torch" with the lore "Use it to light the way" and the enchantment "Efficiency V"
  15. Afaik, there's no such check. Feel free to PR a metadata check though. FYI, metadata != lore - if you aren't a developer, then I guess create a new issue on the issue tracker. Not really sure of a good way to implement "blacklisting items with lore" should work in the config.