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  1. My Problem:
    I only seem to get noticeable lag when I'm playing the custom minigame a client created for me. I 100% trust this client, and he is relatively well-known on Spigot. He went through the entire, un-compiled, plugin and found nothing that seemed to be causing the TPS drops. I've been googling around for the past few days trying all sorts of solutions yet none have seemed to make a noticeable difference. Since I can't find a solution, possible fixes will be treating with my uttermost gratitude! Thanks.



    Spigot Configuration:

    Bukkit Configuration:
  2. joehot200


    Remove the plugin KOTH. Will fix the issue.
  3. Install the plugin ''clear lagg'' to increase your FPS I think.
  4. I know that, but I need the plugin for my server to have a purpose. My server is a 'KOTH' server and that plugin was built for me.
  5. Is there such thing as Arena 4 on your server?
  6. Not as far as I'm aware. Is that a plugin?
  7. Just making sure. It's not a plugin. Maybe ask your developer to optimize the performance on the plugin?
  8. I am doing now, and thanks for the heads up!
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    Its the first time ever I see a plugin using that amount of tps usage:
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  11. Yeah, I was just wondering, I'm not really into java. :p
  12. Same here haha. I'll tell my developer about it asap.
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