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  1. I'm currently checking out **ExtraVM Dedicated** server (currently using their shared servers rightnow) but I've never seen any recommendations for **ExtraVM Dedicated** servers but I've seen alot for ReliableSite, OVH, SoYouStart.
    Should i go with ExtraVM or others?
  2. You can go to OVH or SoYouStart and get the same machine, that's where they also get the servers from.
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  3. Thanks for the answer, Any suggestions of which one should I get from any of them?
  4. I suggest using Fallout-Hosting. There website can be found here: https://fallout-hosting.com/dedicated-servers
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    I don't sell dedicated servers anymore except to clients that are upgrading from my normal Minecraft plans and don't want to deal with the OS or worrying about the backend (they are all set to no stock), so you should definitely buy directly with SoYouStart or OVH if you're able to. SYS game line servers are around $50-60 and work fine for most people running Minecraft.
  6. Nexril or Fallout-Hosting. However you will need to bring your own license for Multicraft, and need to learn how to install the panel yourself.
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  7. Oh I didn't know. :p
  8. Splazeing


    OVH and ReliableSite. I would personally go to ReliableSite, I’m having good experiences with them.