Spigot ExtraWorlds 1.3.1 - [1.14.2]

A more updated alternative to Multiverse.

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    ExtraWorlds - A more updated alternative to Multiverse.

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  2. Sorry about the problems earlier with downloads, the plugin is now fixed and up to date!
  3. Hi,

    Got this error when enabling the server, I stopped the server placed the .jar In the plugin folder and started the server.


    1.14.2 PaperSpigot

    Thanks Kyle
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  4. Hey, thanks for using ExtraWorlds!
    This problem shouldn't affect the usage of the plugin, this error occurs on a line that basically outputs a message to the console saying that the config is empty. The problem will go away after a world has been created using /ewc, or a world has been defined in the config :)

    I think it's because you are using PaperSpigot, I tested this plugin in Spigot - but it should work just fine, as it is just a message - any other problems let me know!

    EDIT: Just tested it out and this is the cause of the problem. A new version 1.1 will be up in a minute to fix this problem for PaperSpigot. Thank you!
  5. But can you do the inventories and netherportals yet? ;D
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  6. Not currently, inventories will be coming next update, then nether portals :)
  7. Is there a world generator support? As this would be a dealbreaker for me.
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  8. I'm not too sure what you mean, but -
    • If you mean world generator as in creating superflat worlds, amplified world etc. then yes, the latest version does have that (1.2.1). These are called modifers. You can see how to use them by typing /modifier in-game, or check the plugin page.
    • If you mean generating a world from a seed, that will be coming soon.
    You can still always put your own world into your server and add it to the config if not, theres a tutorial on how to do that on the plugin page.

    Thanks :)
  9. I mean, like PlotSquared, CleanWorldgenerator, etc.
  10. Oh right. No it doesn't - I wasn't aware they existed tbh. I'll have a look into them and implement it when I've finished working with inventories :)
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  11. I might have another suggestion: when you use the /ewtp you get teleported to your last known location, not to the spawn, or is this already implemented?
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  12. That's a good idea, didn't think of that. I'll probably add a thing like /ewtp spawn to go to the spawn point, and then /ewtp will go to the last saved location that you were. Thanks! :)
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    World Specific Inventories!

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  14. SlimeDog

    Moderator Patron

    Good so far, but it's still early days. If you intend EW to be an "alternative to Multiverse", the plugin must at least cover the functionality of Multiverse. (It is startling that you weren't aware of custom generators, for example.) Requirements include:
    • custom generators: CityWorld, VoidGenerator, ASkyBlock and BentoBox/bskyblock, etc.
    • world groups (eg, world, world_nether, and world_the_end are optionally in the same group, if the operator so desires)
    • optional separate inventories for different game modes
    • nether and the_end support (including custom generators)
    • destinations
    • portals
    Please read the MV wiki to ensure that you are covering the bases. And good fortune as you broaden the scope of EW.
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  15. Thanks!
    I don't intend for ExtraWorlds to be a Multiverse clone, with all of its features. Because Multiverse takes so long to update, (because of all of its features), I made ExtraWorlds mainly for the base functionality, which is creating new worlds, teleporting etc., whilst Multiverse updates - as I am aware that it is a huge need for a lot of servers

    I will include some more Multiverse features though, such as Portals & Custom Generators, but probably, not all the fancy things Multiverse offers. I have some more ideas for plugins that I want to make over this one, but I want to get this plugin as close to what it should be, which is a really simple, base level Multiverse, so that I can move on to the new projects - and update this one on the side.

    Sorry I went on for ages, but thats just a notice to everyone on what ExtraWorlds is and most likely will be. :)
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  16. VoidMC updated ExtraWorlds with a new update entry:

    Fixed console commands!

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  17. VoidMC updated ExtraWorlds with a new update entry:

    Fixed console commands!

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