Spigot ExtraWorlds 1.3.1 - [1.14.2]

A more updated alternative to Multiverse.

  1. SlimeDog

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    Given that VoidMC was last here 21 weeks ago ...
  2. Hi, I didn't know that people would still be active on this!

    I decided to discontinue ExtraWorlds, as Multiverse was released and therefore I didn't see any reason to continue it.
    I am now working on more unique plugins if you feel like checking them out.

    Thanks for the support on this by the way, I'm actually really surprised that people used this!
    ~ Void <3
  3. SlimeDog

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    So that's pretty clear. Multiverse, like the rest of us. :cool:
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  4. I made this plugin originally because Multiverse was taking a while to update - you can't get better than Multiverse though :p
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  5. i am using a plugin (ServerSelectorX) for change world, but the cmd say this:
    Server thread/ERROR Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to ExtraWorlds v1.3.1 28.06 19:52:27 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.event.EventException: null
  6. Hii im have discovered this plug in recently and i think its super intresting but catually i have a question...how do you tp other people to another world like i can do it by write /ewtp (nameworld) but i want to automatize this i want for example if one person push a botton and a command block is behind i want him to teleport to the another word but i dont know how to do it i anyone could help me please i will apreciate a lot
  7. SlimeDog

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    Suggestion: Read back a few messages. VoidMC discontinued support for this resource quite a while back.