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  1. I have set up a new server on my bungeecord network but its hogging cpu: sometimes 150% cpu usage
    timings show some problem with chunks but i have worldbordered off, unloaded chunks and preloaded chunks and it still has 150% cpu usage

    8789 pixel 20 0 3825996 1.407g 10864 S 117.4 12.2 405:43.77 java

    and yes, i know, paper but maybe some of you can help

    Minecraft::world - ChunkIO Stage 1 - DiskIO seems to be the most laggy

    memory is steady at around 70% and disk is also far from full
  2. Is that Server running on one of your machines? Or a server host? Is it a V-Server? Root? Game Server? Has it an SSD or HDD? Your plugins listed (If any)
  3. you can see all of that on the timings report:)
  4. Where can I see if its an HDD or SSD? Or if its a Vserver or a Game Server?
  5. Why use PaperSpigot then come to Spigot for Help? Just Curious......Drop in a Spigot Jar and run another timings test to satisfy curiosity.
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  6. I like the way paper logs and since its just some patches ontop of spigot i thought it wouldnt be bad. But either way, ill try using vanilla spigot.
  7. No, use paper timings V2 is SO much better than spigots timings V1.
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  8. Then help OP fix what is going on then. I have no clue, just trying to get a comparison.
  9. view-distance: 10 //Drop that to 6 or 7, that should help CPU usage

    This setting should be on spigot.yml (and server.proprieties) but i'm not sure if is paper.yml too.
  10. You can try optimizing your server using this guide:
    Especially the chunk-gc part.

    And you should remove react because it probably causes more lag than it removes.

    There is a good chance dynmap is rendering your map and because of that loading / unloading chunks and causing high cpu usage.

    Can you btw send your Skripts so i can check if one of your skript is causing the lag.
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  11. It seemed to be fixed with deleting a old broken anti xray plugin. Thought i said dynmap was allready fullrendered but i didnt so np on that. Thanks for the react tip. And there was no tps lag just extreme cpu.

    either way, fixed

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