Extreme lag after switching to 1.15.1 spigot.

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  1. Hello, this is my first post here, so I hope my formatting & everything is ok.

    My friends and I have a server pc setup, and for the past few weeks, it has been running perfectly. We decided to try & switch to spigot 1.15.1 (previously we used vanilla 1.15.1) for a few specific plugins. Currently, the server is running with no plugins, but everyone on the server including me is experiencing huge fps drops. They occur frequently, and the game hangs up at 0 fps for multiple seconds, only to run for maybe 10 seconds before experiencing another drop.

    When I switched to the spigot server, I directly copied the world folder from the vanilla folder, which I think maybe the cause of this lag, as when playing on a newly generated world in spigot this lag issue did not occur once. If this is the issue, do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? Or do you think it is something else?

    I really appreciate any and all help, and again I apologize if any of this is formatted wrong.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jared Stock
  2. You could try adding the parameter --forceUpgrade to the start.bat/whatever startup script you have to start the server. I've never heard of FPS loss when upgrading to Spigot, so not sure what else could help with that.
  3. FPS drops are generally client side lag, rather than server side.
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  4. In addition to that, the only thing that could cause FPS Drops is a huge amount of entity.
    What version were you on before upgrading? Did you keep the same map?
  5. Hey guys, thank you all so much for the responses. Turns out, it was an issue with MSI's gaming software, I just had to updated and now it's working fine.

    You all rock!
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