Solved Extreme lag on player join event!!!

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  1. Hi guys!

    So recently, my server started misbehaving when anyone joined.

    For the user joining, "Logging in" would take approximately 4 seconds followed by "Downloading Terrain" which ranged between 6 and 8 seconds.

    For everyone in game, everything would be unresponsive while anyone joined, and even for about 10 seconds afterwards.

    I truly have no idea where to begin on this, I've tried unloading a few plugins I thought may have to do with layerJoinEvent, to no avail.

    None of my plugin timings exceed 0.15%

    Any help is appreciated!

    P.S. (Our server has almost no one on usually)
    Ram: 1GB
    Average TPS regularly: 19.24
    TPS on player join: 00.20
    Main worlds: 754 chunks, 132 entities, 99 tiles

    Manager of StormCraft

    Before, logging in, took a while, and so did downloading terrain, but now, ONLY Logging in takes a while (sometimes).

    Possible plugins causing the issue:
    ASkyBlock, iDisguise, NuVotifier, TradeMe, Vault, VoteParty, WGFlyFlag
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  2. Server version, plugin list, full timings report?
  3. Version is 1.8.8 (Yes I know I behind, but this isn't the case as it worked fine at one time)
    Timings report, I'll get that up tomorrow.

    [PlugMan] Plugins (60): AAC, AltsRevealer, AnimatedNames, AntiAdvertiser, AntiCaps, AntiCurse, AntiForceOp, AntiJoinBot, AntiSwearPlus, ASkyBlock, BuycraftX, ChatColor, ChestCommands, CoreProtect, DeluxeChat, DeluxeTags, EchoPet, EpicRename, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, FeatherBoard, HideAndCustomPlugins, HolographicDisplays, iDisguise, ImageOnMap, KitCreator, KitPreview, LiquidControl, MassiveCore, MassiveLag, MaxBans, MessageAnnouncer, MobStacker, Multiverse-Core, NoFlyZone, PermissionsEx, PlayerVaults, PlayTimeRewardsRecoded, PlugMan, PrisonMines, ProtocolLib, SexyMotd, Shop, ShopGUIPlus, SilkSpawners, StopProxy, SuperbVote, SuperTrails, Tab, TradeMe, Vault, ViaVersion, VoidSpawn, VoidWorld, VoteParty, Votifier, WhitelistMessage, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
  4. I'd suggest isolating the jar. Normally, deleting all the JARs and adding them back one at a time is slow, so I suggest the following: Download the Plugin JAR files. Then delete half the jars on the server. If the problem persists, delete half again, and again, etc. If it doesn't happen after removing half, add that half back and delete the first half.
  5. I've tried this method before and it did nothing but screw up my whole server for a week
  6. If you don't want to risk the server, perhaps you could download the JAR files to your local computer and test it.
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  7. I'll try soon, I just woke up. I'll try to get back to you within an hour.
  8. Sounds cool. If I can get the plugin that is causing the error, I might be able to patch it and let the dev know.
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  9. So I've narrowed it down to one group of them. I re-uploaded half of them. When I first joined, it took a while, the second time, it was instant.
    I've continuously quit and rejoined and the pattern is inconsistent. Sometimes it's quick, others, not.

    Okay so:

    It seems if I stay on for longer than a minute, the next time I join is slow.
    However, If I join, instantly quit, and rejoin, it's quick
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  10. Please refer to OP. There is an edit
  11. Do you know what plugin causes it? If you can't find the plugin, you might just need more RAM.
  12. I think I might be an effect caused by multiple plugins, or just need more ram.
  13. Is your server ran on your computer or from a company?
  15. You'll have to go to them to get more RAM.
  16. I hope that's the case. But ima gonna be broke...

    Can you add me on skype (same as spigot).
  17. I don't give out my personal Skype.
  18. Alright, just wanted to talk about server stuff, since it might not be allowed in this thread.
  19. You can send me a private message.