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  1. Hello, I own a server that is in the testing phase as of now. I am just doing the finishing touches. But there is something that is fatally wrong. If I go out to about 500 - 700 blocks from spawn, my server starts to severely lag. Sometimes it even times out. I wanted to know if it is corrupt chunks, plugin errors or serverside errors. The thing is, before the server times out I look at the control panel and the CPU and RAM are completely fine and nowhere near being used to the max.
    I have a video showing the issues:
    If you need a list of plugins and server specs, just ask and I will supply you with them.
    My server is really close to being released I just need this to be fixed. Any support is appreciated.
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    Send timing report.
  3. If this helps, it is also a downloaded world.
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    1.7.10? New server? o_O

    Yeah. Possible if the world was in 1.8+ and you had pregenerated chunks.
  5. Yeah 1.7.10 because mose HCF players play 1.7.10 because of the Forge mods.
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    Look into a fresh download. Idk, maybe someone else can comment, but if you have a world generated with 1.8 blocks, I don't see that working out.
  7. Is the server only 1.7.10 compatible or does it allow both 1.8 and 1.7.10 users? If it allows 1.8 users try connecting with 1.8 and goto the chunk and see if it lowers TPS.

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  8. Did you use TerrainControl?