Extremely high CPU usage when on 4-5 people are online.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Wynx, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. There appears to just be a lot of entities. Every time the TPS loss spikes, the entity count goes above 1400, so there seems to be a correlation there.
    Being specific, there appears to be a lot of villagers and endermen causing the problem. Mostly villagers. Perhaps it is because they are close and bumping into each other, which can take a lot of CPU. Try changing "max-entity-collisions:" in the paper.yml config to 2, instead of the current 8.
  2. In spigot.yml, I would change entity-activation-range ticks-per-villager from true to false, and even decrease animals from 32 to 24. In additon, I would change the spawn-limits for these in bukkit.yml to these numbers:

    monsters: 50
    ambient: 1
    animals: 10
    water-animals: 10

    Finally, I would change ticks-per hopper-check from 1 to 3 in spigot.yml, this will reduce your hopper lag tremendously.
  3. First what server type are you running?.For example if you make a minigame bungeecord server.You can use plugins like Void World Generator,multiverse core to prevent mob spawning on all the world.How much NPC did you have "In the case if you have minigame server".I prefer use armor stands on my case.Use stack mob plugin to link all mobs.Prevent rain reduces the lag.
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    I am running Paper