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  1. Hi. I made a custom plugin that hooks up into ezblocks and shows in chat a list of people who broke the most number of blocks. I did the whole plugin and everything is setup but the only thing that is missing is this ezcounter API.jar file. That is necessary to make the plugin search between all players' blocks broken and list the top 5/10. Anyone could help me?
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  2. You can maybe try putting everything in a hashmap and ordering that from the most to the lowest, then you can get the top 10 players, and let that be viewed?
  3. Nope, to go through or list players' blocks broken I need that API. If not, it doesn't work. That's of course because I'm using ezblocks
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  4. You can get into the config file... Maybe or do you really have to use that API?
  5. I think that API is necessary. I will try though to go through the user data files
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