ezprestige help [Paid]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by rockyroad83, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. So I have an issue on my server where if a user who is at 0 prestige and at free rank tries to prestige, their prestige goes to 1. Nothing broken there. However, when a user who is at prestige 1-20 tries to prestige, it'll say they have prestiged to the next prestige, but the number prefix [X] before their name will not change numbers and remain at [1]
    heres what it looks like in game:
    when at free rank prestige:

    As you can see, the [x] prefix at the beginning of the format does not change to a 2.
    Another issue which I just realized, it's not registering that I'm at prestige 2, not 1. It resets me back to prestige 1, and instead of prestiging to prestige 3 from 2, it takes me from 1 to 2 again

    Pretty sure this is just a ezprestige issue as it changes in the deluxechat from prestige 0 -> 1. If anyone can fix this for me, it would be such a huge major fix that'll really speed up the release process for my server. Pay will be discussed, thinking around $5-10 though. If anyone can fix this (looking for more reputable people to hmu), please HMU!