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  1. Hi Spigot Staff,

    I myself always searched for a good queue plugin but could never find one. On forums I always found the plugin EzQueue on Spigot but when I click on the link I saw that the plugin is no longer sold. I started searching the internet and eventually found it. I was wondering if I should upload the plugins again on Spigot. The owner of the plugin has not been on Spigot for a whole time, nor on other Forums.
  2. No, you can't, you would need authorization from the original author to repost it. (and it was paid! So it is even worse if you repost it here)
  3. He closed the Recource Threat and you can't buy it anymore. It WAS paid
  4. You are not allowed to repost it without the Original authors permissions, if he removed it he probably didn't want it to be used anymore
  5. It doesn't matter, as @Mj3361, if he closed, then he probably don't want it to be sold (maybe because he had no time to update it and didn't want people buying his plugin?)

    What you could do is try contacting him (sending a private message will send him an email if he didn't disable the notifications) to see if he allows you to repost (and maintain) it.
  6. What did EzQueue plugin do?