EzRanksLite Help?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ImNotAuzero, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. hello im using PEX and EZRankslite
    so to make this easy im going to do it (command wise)

    so starting of the Scoreboard for EzRanksLite normal

    Rank: Default
    Next Rank: Guard
    Cost: 1000
    Balance: 999

    that is it when it is normal and no PEX things have been done fully...
    but if i wanted to add someone to a group (SubGroup)
    the scoreboard would mess up even tho the person is in 2 groups 1 is the main group and the 2nd is the Sub group (Donor rank esc)
    so when i do this command
    pex user Name group add Testing
    the person is now part of 2 groups but when i do /sbrefresh this is what happens
    Rank: Testing
    Next Rank: Nothing
    Cost: 0
    Balance: 999

    and i carnt figure out why this is happening
    Pweez help :D
  2. Can someone help me pweeeezzz??