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  1. So, I'm opped on my own server and when I try to rankup it says that I've hit that highest rank, is there anyway to fix this? So, I can rankup while I'm opped. :)

    Thank you!
  2. You just need to create new rankups in the rankups.yml file. At first it's empty so I recommend you to create rankups in-game. Type /ezadmin createrankup {rankfrom} {rankto} {cost}. /ezadmin createrankup a b 1000, etc. For more this plugin commands type /ezadmin help. I hope helped you. Have a nice day ;)
  3. post a pastbin of the ezrankslite config and your permissions yml
  4. @Lightning747 I made all my ranks in-game, but as I'm the Owner (I made a Owner suffix) When I do /ranks it says "Owner: Last rank!" How can I fix this?
  5. When you're OP you automatically become last rank. You'll have to deOP yourself to /rankup. Hope this helps!
  6. You're automatically at the highest rank when you're OP, so you must deop yourself to rankup. I don't think there is any alternative way.
  7. This video speaks for all your problems and he speaks about your problem in the video also.

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