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  1. Okay so I've configured a test from a-d as tester ranks. On the command /ranks nothing appears. Not even a permission error. Just as if I never did the command at all. I've checked the config (Im running ezrankslite2) and found that this was enabled:

    ranks_command_enabled: true
    - '&8&m----------'
    format_previous_ranks: '&8%rank% to %rankto%: Completed'
    format_current_rank: '&f%rank% to %rankto%: &a$&f%cost%'
    format_incomplete_ranks: '&7%rank% to %rankto%: &a$&f%cost%'
    format_last_rank: '&f%lastrank%: &cLast rank!'
    format_is_last_rank: '&f%lastrank%: &aYou are the last rank!'
    - '&8&m----------'

    Please help me :D
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    post your rankups.yml
    (preferably in pastebin)
  3. Is the plugin up to date?
  4. Yep it's the newest one
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    You sure that you don't have any plugins that override /ranks?

    Have you modified the plugin.yml inside of the jar?

    The /ranks command should work as long as it is enabled in the config before the plugin has started. It should never show absolutely nothing when executed also.
  6. Currently yes there is a plugin that overrides it but with plugman I disable the plugin that overrides it and when the command is executed it displays nothing
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    I am sure that is your problem. Remove the plugin while the server is stopped and then try.
  8. Extended_clip I've removed all plugins with interference with the /ranks command and when executed it shows nothing. I could show you in game of the problem if you'd be happy to contact me via Skype or something. Also upon restart ezrankslite seems to take control of the chat or makes essentials take over chat instead of Deluxechat upon restart. Thats another issue I am experiencing
  9. Oh about the deluxe chat I just needed to update it. Still having issues with /ranks appearing