EZRanksPro Issue!

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by hArDsTyLe2259, Apr 13, 2017.


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  1. For some reason ezrankspro is spitting this at me in console when i do /rankup


    Also ezrankspro isnt displaying info on my scoreboard properly :p
  2. Try getting a legal version but not the year old leaked one at first. If I'm mistaking in statement above then install a new update :)
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  3. What do you mean "legal"? I downloaded this from someones dropbox cuse they said it was free
  4. Lmfao
  5. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

  6. GaIaxy


    I wouldn't download plugins from someone's DropBox. That's a premium plugin anyways, so you'd need to purchase it for yourself and your server.
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  7. It's not working probably because you pirated it.
  8. Ahhh right.. Damn thanks for that :)
  9. Correction "Someone" Pirated it
  10. You supported a pirate, same shit.
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  11. You are literally admitting to pirating the plugin
    Common Sense?
  12. Ew, who even uses skype
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  13. ew who doesn't use skype
  14. People who know what Discord is
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  15. I was using skype like 4-5 years ago, then team speak and now discord because Jesus, discord is the best thing that exists.
    And I still need to have that installed for people who do not know how to install discord ;/
  16. How did I pirate it? I didnt even buy it so how can I lol wut beside I didnt know it was a paid plugin till now so dont judge sheeesh guys
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  17. How about you guys be helpful and give me a free alternative to Ezrankspro then :D
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  18. How about you buy it. It's not that much.
  19. Honestly, no body asked you
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