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  1. What is the placeholder for your current rank so you can add it to the prefix in permissions?
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  3. why this doesnt have scoreboard, but the lite version has.. lel
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  4. because featherboard.
  5. If you could do /rankup then the letter you wanted to go to it could only have to say in chat >>>[Username] ranked up to [Letter ranked all the way up to]! instead of all the letters in between.
    I think this would be a good feature to reduce ranking up spam for players and what not.

    /rankup f (started from a)
    Player123 ranked up from A to F!
  6. You can remove the broadcasting of messages. :p But I do agree that this feature would be nice! ☺
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    Broadcasting is completely configurable. The feature you guys have requested is currently under development.
  8. How can you reset ranks? Is that possible? Can I reset everyone to A with a command?
  9. I think there should be tbh. Like for map resets reset everyone's ranks
  10. error hooking into vault ezrankspro disabled. any fix guys? :/
  11. @clip
    Having some really weird issue. I have the latest version of EZ ranks pro installed the second to last PAPI the last non modular system
    I have ezrankspro set to true in the PAPI config but Papi is not hooking into ezranks pro its list only lists 4 of the 6 or so hooks I have enabled its not hooking mcmmo either.

    Very odd And i cant work out the cause. It all worked fine on my dev server...
  12. This can be done by your permissions plugin all ezrankspro does is manipulate the users groups. It does not store any information on who has what group your permissions plugin does that. a simple way I could do it is to delete all the groups names of each rank from the user data or if your smart use something like find and replace. or check your permissions plugin documents for some command maybe.

    Same issue very odd... :(
  13. yeah its driving me insane for a $10 plugin :/ need a fix asap as i want my network running as soon as possible and this major delays it ... @clip HELP!
  14. what econ plugin are you using? mines working now just my original placeholder issue.
  15. i just run essentials mate. iconomy is a mess. what did you do to get it working mate?
  16. just a silly config error on my part :/
    I run one called THE new economy essentials shits me to death because it don't group permissions. and I hate having OP on my own server things like mcmmo give you too many perms as OP...

    @clip found the cause of the placeholder issue Ill explain in PAPI post... long story short Enjin fked up. as per usual.
  17. which part of the config mate? i wanna replicated what you did to fix mine also cheers man
  18. Can you make it so you can add custom rankup requirements such as 'mine X blocks' and 'get X kills' and also make rankup events so if the player has the requirement and accepts to rankup, he will warp somewhere and will have to kill some sort of boss and if the player kills the boss they rank up, if they die they have to re-attempt to kill the boss but they don't loose any items when they die.

    King regards,
  19. Hello there, I am having a problem with my rankup
    First of all when ever a person ranks up to the rank LORD In my files you can see there it says lord find it in there.
    When they rankup after LORD they keep the rank LORD it doesn't remove the rank LORD from them when they rankup to the rank after LORD Can you help me with that?
    Also if you rankup to GODV (The 2nd last rank in the file) when you try to rankup to the next rank when your in GODV, you go back to GODI Which you can find a bit below GODV so it just keeps going in a loop between GODV and GODI I want them to rankup to the next rank after GODV which is Goddess the last rank PLEASE HELP my players are very mad at me atm
    EDIT: I fixed the GODV going to GODI issue just the lord issue? Why do they keep the rank when they rankup to the rank after Lord?

    Rankup config:
    Permissions config:
  20. Alright, so here is the thing I have been trying to get the /rankup to work and it says it is ranking us up but .... it does not run the actual command I have tried the orignal way that it first comes out with and then I have tried [consolecommand] manuadd %player% B (using group manager) and still nothing. I have a-z ranks added in group manager plus alot of other ranks (for donor ranks). I can manually add players to the donor ranks but I can't add them to other ranks a-z if you could please get back to me I would greatly appreciate it :D thanks