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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SlayerMarth, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know how I can set up factions to not allow claims pass the worldborder? For instance, if someone runs to a corner and claims a radius, some of their claims go beyond the border. If it's beyond the border, they cant access it or unclaim it (without having to unclaimall.) I've been told that claiming the chunks outside the border would cause lag due to the amount of claims. So, is there a way to disable claims beyond the border all together?

    If this doesn't make sense, my apologies. Somewhat short on time. Let me know if I need to elaborate on anything.
  2. If I Were You Claim It With WarZone So No body can that is the only way
  3. Yeah, that was my initial idea. Or setting up a dummy faction and claiming it all. But like I said in the OP, I was told that it would cause lag due to the amount of claims. So I need a decent work around for it. :p
  4. As Far As I Know There Is No Way Past It Or The Other Way What Is Stupid Build A Wall Out Of Barrier Blocks 15 Blocks Away From The Border
    /Give @p barrier
  5. Also If You Claim Around It And With ClearLagg Type The Command /lagg unloadchunks it would not lag the server may I ask how much RAM has your server got
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  6. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    There is an option with the plugin WorldBorder to unload all chunks outside the border you have set. I am not fully sure if this would disallow the use of claims outside the border, but you could always try it.

  7. Yep, I've triedthat. But it still loads those few "View Distance" chunks. (If you know what I'm trying to say?) So those still get claimed. I'm not sure about the others pass those. Haven't fully tested it. I've seen a factions server do it before. They claimed I think 10 or so chunk pass the border all the way around. I didn't play the server much so I can say for certain if it affected the gameplay, but regardless, I'm looking to do something like that. Makes it easier for everyone. :)
  8. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    You could still use WorldBorder, and then fly around the outside of the border while auto-claiming chunks in a however many chunks are outside your border radius.
  9. FactionsUUID hooks into minecraft worldborder so if you set it with that, you're good to go.
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  10. Really?
    Which .json or .yml file would it be in? Or rather what specific words should we Ctrl+f for to pinpoint it? We've looked through the config and such and nothing. On github, the only thing that pertained to a border was the buffers that kept claims from being claimed inside the border as opposed to outside it like we want.
  11. huh? You're not making sense with your original question.

    One of many checks. If the claim is outside a world border, it won't allow that specific claim. Works with specific attempts when doing a big claim by radius too.
  12. as far as i know this should not be possible to make claims out side the world border from the last update of the plugin try updating your plugin and try again
  13. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    Would you please define what plugin you are speaking on behalf of? Factions, FactionsUUID, or other?
  14. world border u can use that plugin or use the server files.
    that should stop people claiming out the world border
  15. I think I may know what my issue is here. I just need confirmation on it first. I prefer not to talk about it in the thread but I will give further updates if it doesn't work out in the end. I've contacted drtshock and based on his response I'll move on ahead with my planned course of action(s). If all else fails after I finally get things figured out and situated, I'll post this issue in the proper place on his issue tracker. :)

    Though, I do kindly thank everyone for their help. Whether you fully understood where I was going with this or if you had no idea and was a tad confused.'Tis the thought that counts. I appreciate everyone here, and I'll let everyone know how this all goes.
  16. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    WorldBorder was already mentioned. ;)
  17. This hurts my eyes.
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  18. do you need world border
    if you need another world just use multiverse-core
  19. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    Please do not reply to threads if you do not understand the topic or what you are answering. ;)
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