Faction Relation Color

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  1. The classic above player head (Rank) (Playername) (FactionColor/FactionName)
    I'm using NameTagsEdit & PlaceHolderAPI
    Everything works except for the color which shows up like this.
    I'm using SavageFactions by ProSavage
  2. Hello,

    That's because NameTagsEdit don't support relational placeholders.
  3. I've been looking for so long what plugin supports what im looking for?
  4. Im sorry because what Im about to ask is unrelated.
    Why cant I find SavageFactions resource in this website? I cant even find SaberFactions too? Did they get removed, or something?
  5. I don't rly know what plugin can do that :/ I didn't found too.

    There was a conflict between the 2 authors. Both plugins got removed, but Savage will be reuploaded soon. You can get SavageFactions on their website: https://store.illyria.io/
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