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  1. Use the placeholders in the plugin.
  2. Yes, you're right. You need to open the Essentials config, find EssentialsChat and change the lines. Use the placeholders like this.


  3. Its not working i can list you my plugins :
    CoreProtect, Wild, WorldEdit, VoteRoulette, Skript, GappleCooldown, NoCraftThat, ClearLag, ChatControl, NametagEdit, MessageAnnouncer, TnTFill, Votifier, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, NoCheatPlus, iDisguise, VoxelSniper, PermissionsEx, Vault, Coupons, ChatColor, MassiveCore, Essentials, SimpleRename, CrateReloaded, Holograms, Citizens, EssentialsChat, CrazyAuctions, PlayerVaults, EssentialsSpawn, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, CitizensCMD, Factions, FactionsTop, CombatLog, FactionChat, SilkSpawners, ShopGUIPlus
  4. I added {rank} but it doesn't recognize it. It only gives me faction name!
  5. Refer to the chat section in the FactionsTop configuration:
    Code (Text):
        enabled: false
        rank-placeholder: '{factions_top_rank}'
        rank-found: '&2[&e#{rank}&2]'
        rank-not-found: ''
    Enable the chat formatting feature, and use the given placeholder in the chat formatting plugin of your choice.
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  6. I did it and put it in essentials chat format: '{factions_top_rank} {FACTION} {USERNAME} > {MESSAGE}' and i don't see the number still. Eh do someone knows how to fix this?
  7. Did you not enable the chat module within FactionsTop?
  8. chat:
    enabled: true
    rank-placeholder: '{factions_top_rank}'
    rank-found: '&2[&e#{rank}&2]'
    rank-not-found: ''

    Should i get a better chat formating plugin than essentials?
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  9. No, EssentialsChat works just fine for this.
  10. When i add {factions_top_ranl) it doesn't show up anything literally like i didn't add it.
  11. Explain the steps you did, in order.
  12. I went to factiontop and enabled chat placeholder. Then i went to essentialschat and found EssentialsChat in config. I set format to {factions_top_rank} {Faction} {Prefix} {Username} > {Message} and everything worked except factions_top_rank. Then i tried ChatFormat plugin and factions didn't even work there. I am kinda confused because i need that fixed before updating server and launching it again. Players are waiting! (Every time i changed something i restarted whole server)
  13. Not working at all