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  1. ive seen a thread about this but I ignored it thinking I didn't have the same issue. Now I realize I do, and I can't find the thread. (Shocker)

    Straight to the point, faction warps are instant. Meaning, the player gets teleported as soon as he does the command as opposed to waiting 3 seconds before the teleport. I added the command to booscooldowns but that only gives the warmup to "/f warp." Which means if I type /f warp, I have to wait 3 seconds before it works. But if I type "/f warp base" It teleports me instantly. Therefore I need a way to give the warps a warmup if possible.

    Any ideas?
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  2. What ?
    Sorry I don't know
  3. So, do anyone know a way to give faction warps a warmup?
  4. FBasics have that! FBasics have cool downs/warmups/anti glitch/crates and more
  5. @kojoti
    Using the latest fbasics, can you show me where and how to set it up?
  6. Download the plugin, and there will be a awesome config for u :)
  7. Mhm, and in that config, I see where it talks about teleporting, but not faction warps specifically. There's potentially and option to set it up, but I don't know how to do it. I've tried, didn't work. Now we're here.
  8. You can make you'r custom command try to make /f warp
  9. Tried that, no dice. :c

    Code (Text):

      # This is the command modifier name, it can be changed to whatever you want. Feel free to add as many command
      # modifiers as you please. Just be sure that the command modifier names are all different from one another.
        # RegEx is used in order to check if this is the correct command modifier to use.
          - "/(|essentials:)(|e)home(| .*)"
          - "/f warp"

        # Priority of the command modifiers listed under this key.
        priority: NORMAL
  10. Sudzzy


    With FBasics:
    Code (Text):

        regex: "/(|factionsplus:)f warp(| .*)"
        warmup: 3
        warmup-cancel-on-damage: true
        warmup-cancel-on-move: true
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  11. That yeah :D