FactionFly Doesn't Work 1.8

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  1. Hello, I have dowloanded the FactionFly plugin for version 1.8 and in the console its says this:
    28.04 14:49:42 [Server] INFO [FactionFly] Enabling FactionFly v1.0
    I gave my self all the permission to the FactionFly plugin and when I do /fly it should say [FactionFly] but it doesn't its say "Set fly mode enabled or false for name {playername}"
    how can I fix this.

    - Yoav
  2. didnt work please send me more opinions
  3. What's the error? There aren't unlimited options and you could be nicer about it.
  4. Gaxan


    It works fine, post your question on that thread.
  5. Hello, I have dowloanded the lastest version of FactionFly and now it says :
    An Ineral Error Occurred While Attempting to perform this command

    any of you know how to fix it?
  6. You need FactionsUUID.
  7. FactionsFly is for FactionUUID

    FactionFly is for Factions
  8. Im using FactionFly for Factions
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  10. Yes sir im using this plugin.
  11. Gaxan