Spigot Factions 1.8.2 UUID 1.8.2-U0.7

Factions 1.8.2 UUID Support - No MCore

  1. Let me quote Cayorion (The original factions author)
  2. I'll see if I can find 2.7.x the highest I've found (and running) is 2.6.

    Thanks for the quote :)

    I love google, I searched that version and found it...Now to see if Massivecore will actually run this time as well.

    Thanks for helping with my stupidity -.-

    Edit 2*
    Woot found everything and got it running. To be clear I was actually looking for the updated Factions Spigot page and ended up here, so this is 100% my fault.
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  3. Af far as I'm concerned MassiveCraft is not updated to 1.8. I suppose you meant MassiveCore which should be 1.8 compatible.
  4. Fixed spelling. Still tired from work.
  5. externo6


    Hmm works fine for me, are you using the correct worldguard version? If possible give me your plugin list.
    Your spigot, when was the last time you re-ran buildtools?
    Make sure you are on the latest version.
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  6. Armor stands and items inside item frames do not seem to be protected.
  7. I'm having the same problem.
  8. The author of the original Factions says that Factions 2.7.x is compatible with Spigot 1.8, that could maybe solve your problem.
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    They are entities correct? Like item frames?
    You will have to use an external plugin, or like @Madus said update to the 2.7 version.
  10. Is factions plus compatible?
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    Nope, factions plus only supports Factions version 2.
  12. @externo6 Just a small issue I noticed. I have tried and tried to negate the "factions.perm" permission to prevent players from setting faction permissions, however it does not work. The permission seems broken?
  13. It don't seem that FactionsPlus is compatible with this version of Factions - I am using the correct version for 1.8.2.
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    Factions plus will not work with this. Update to the new versions of factions if you want that. I see no real reason on why not to update now that Factions v2 works across MC versions.
  15. Me, aswell as alot of other people prefer Factions 1.8.2 since it is much more simple and does not require MassiveCraft.
  16. This is amazing! The one problem I'm having is permissions... I haven't changed any permissions nodes from the old MCore versions of factions. Is there a documentation of permissions anywhere?
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    No documentation, please be aware no bugs will be fixed as I am no longer actively developing this plugin. I recommend staying on the newer versions of the plugin.
    Or if possible moving to http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/factionsuuid.1035/
  18. What is the difference between versions 1.8.2 and 2.7.5?