Factions 1.8.3

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  1. Hey all,

    I am just wondering if there is a Factions plugin build for spigot 1.8.3?

  2. Get @drtshock 's Plugin It's better & UUID compatible ( $15:00 ) Worth It!

    - Scaredy
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  3. http://www.massivecraft.com/factions

    • UUID support! Has actually been in Factions since 2.4.0.
    better question here is if i can upgrade from massive factions to $15 factions...
  4. Not their current version :\ only their old 1.6.9.x versions.
  5. Yeah get @drtshock factions plugin and even his obsidian destroyer it may cost a lot but he works hard to get these updates to us so support him and let him buy some food :)
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  6. Omnivion


  7. Do you want the entire factions or just like people that can create groups and claim land together because I just made a smaller plugin called Towns its lightweight and goes along with another plugin I made that covers password protection, swear protection, spawn protection and spam protection. Towns is for grief protection but can be used as a lightweight factions too.
  8. I want entire factions with usage of exisiting database... we have loads of factions, settings, stuff ... stored there and we finally managed to learn most of our players how to use massivecraft factions commands... so...
    Good, thx!
  9. You should use the version of spigot #1649. Is1.7.x-1.8.x and run both versions of the plugin