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  1. Long story short I haven't ran a server isnce Factions was 1.6 and obviously some shit has changed.

    What I am trying to do is enable pain building for people not inside a faction across all factions. I assumed from reading on the massivecraft site to do this it would be /f perm all painbuild enemey yes /f perm all painbuild enemey neutral yes .... etc however that doesnt work since when i type it in i get no faction or player matching all.

    So my question is how do i set permissions to all factions current and future?

    Thanks in advance to any help
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  2. Damn all day and no responses.
  3. nobody have the answer to you question
  4. Apparently not.

    It annoys me the lack of documentation Factions has for being such a large part of the Minecraft community.
  5. I would get @drtshock 's Factions plugin, It works on 1.7 & 1.8 Also It is UUID compatable, & only $15.00 Check it out! :D
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  6. I use /f perm <factionname> <perm> Yes/No. The /f perm set or the /f perm all gives me your same error, which I guess they haven't updated their Guide for 2.7.5 to show the proper procedure, but my way works. So try /f perm wilderness <perm> yes/no
  7. In order to set the flag for all of the factions you have to edit a file which contains the global perms for the factions. I can't remember where it's located.