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  1. Hey,

    Im looking to get a plugin to enable me to do /f Top and it will display the top 10 Factions Balance,

    So all of the members in a faction, Combine there total balance and add it to a scoreboard, Using /f Top

  2. @drtshock Is this an addon For Factions? as my server is already established, with many factions and players, so i dont want to lose the current progress
  3. If you are currently running 1.6.x
    Replace your old Factions.jar with this. You should not run both. The first time you start your server it will auto convert for you. You do not need mcore or anything else to make this work.

    If you are currently running 1.8 or 2.x
    Your data will not be converted. That means your data, like Factions etc.. , will go pooof.
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  4. Im running MassiveCraft 2.6.0 Version, Alot of players have asked for Me to try and get f top but unfortunately The server is already running so i cant lose all of the progress
  5. I *could* try and make you a plugin that allows you to do /f top .
    ~ Elie
  6. Really? How much would it cost? If you could that would be Amazing
  7. Doing it for free.
    Just shoot me a PM, with your Minecraft version, factions version, and if needed, other commands.
    It will take one to two hours to complete, as i need to lookup the MassiveCore API and Factions API.
  8. Right ok could you maybe tell me where is? I just thought Being Plugin Development it was
  9. My Bad I do apoligise I have just seen the link