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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of an addon that claimed pass your set worldborder? I've come across a server that had this and was wondering if it was custom or not. (Pretty sure it was) What it does is, I'm guessing you do a command and tell it your worldborder. Then it automatically claims like 10 chunks out pass your worldborder. Makes claiming corners and edges easier on the players that are too lazy to auto claim and decide to claim a radius. They won't waste claims on land they can't reach.

    Another thing is, does anyone know if it's possible to use formatting in titles with Factions UUID? Is that a toggleable feature or is it purposely not implemented?

    And does anyone know how I can add the /f global command? It disables global chat and only shows faction chat(s).
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  3. it's better not to "claim" those borders as faction claim, that will cause lag (because of the size of the claim). It's better to block those areas from claiming.
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    Well addons are normally custom yes but you can find a few none custom ones for free

    For players its called don't be lazy if your playing factions and have a big good base your not lazy and have time to do it if thay have time to build the base thay have time to claim it

    And if you run a small server just ask players what thay want and get it if you can makes players happy server better and more fun to play also mind giving me a ip?