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A different yet familiar way of playing factions!

  1. Hello I am having some trouble. I have been trying for hours to allow my players to create their own factions but I can't seem to allow them permissions.... tried the config file and everything and tried to find the permissions wiki as stated in the main wiki but can not find it anywhere. Please help me ASAP I notice you reply to people quite quickly which I do appreciate. Thanks!
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  2. For some reason, My factions has an issue disbanding any faction. Need some help asap, cuz they can't leave the faction either cuz they are the owners. Sorry for the dumb issue, just trying my best T vT

  3. Noticed that these two messages are not in messages.yml...
    1. Auto Claiming
    2. The "You will be teleported to your faction" text.

    Also I found a bug, if you disband your faction while you have Autoclaiming on, it will continue to try to claim land.
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  4. It's right on the main plugin page ...
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  5. Hey everyone, lately I haven't had as much time as I wanted to for Factions Blue but an updated is on its way.

    Thank you for reporting this bug, this will be fixed in the next update which is coming shortly. I will also add those messages and make warmup time configurable.

    This will be added in the next update.
  6. An update is coming out tomorrow.
  7. ZYSEA updated Factions Blue with a new update entry:

    1.1.6 ~ Essential features & Bug fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Flags will be implemented in Factions Blue 2.0. If you wish all factions to have disabled mob griefing you can message and I'll send you the build.
  9. When i put in world_the_end in disabled worlds the plugin config kinda breaks.. my faction name disapeares
  10. Cannot reproduce, please send me your exact config.
  11. Ok very vig issue... When you go between any claims over and over it creates a lag machine even that will make your tps fast REAL FAST I found this out earlier but if somebody figured it out anybody's server could lag by just 1 guy
  12. Cannot reproduce. Please show your timings as I'm 99.99998% sure Factions Blue isn't causing this.
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  13. ah my apologies i guess it was coincidence its fine mate thanks
  14. please add protection for barrels, fence gates, trapdoors, and redstone stuff such as levers and buttons
  15. Works wonderfully in PaperSpigot 1.13.2.
    No permission nodes found for /f kick, /f invite, /f roles, /f setroles, /f leaders, /f join and /f warplist
    missing basic info about power such as /f power, however, nice addition to PlaceholderAPI to check power

    This could be the lightweight stable faction plugin <3
  16. Permission for allies ? I can't find it, would really like allies to build on the claimed land
  17. Do you have placeholders for relations for factions?
    Like different colors depending on if Ally/Member/Enemy?

    Also Shulker boxes can be opened if you block chests.
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  18. Hello there!

    I'm currently running Spigot 1.14.3 and I'm having massive issues with the faction roles. My config is the default config and it seems that none of the faction roles have any functionality, even the faction leader is unable to do anything, not even use the chat. They all get role errors and disabling role permissions through the config does not seem to fix anything.

    Is this plugin compatible with this version of spigot? Or should I provide more information on my settings/permissions?

    I hope this issue can be resolved since this kinda ruins the whole faction experience.

    Yours sincerely,

    A server owner
  19. Hey I'm trying to set permissions to factions blue but i keep getting Insufficient permissions for me. I also tried looking for the permissions wiki but I can't find it.
  20. Hey, I've been using Factions Blue for a good couple of weeks now. It's been working pretty well, but I have a small, annoying problem. I've claimed the spawn area of my world under safezone, and it does not allow me to spawn armor stands. This is 1.14.3 by the way. Is there any chance you can change this?