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  1. I'm trying to set up chat so when someone talks it looks like [Faction] [Member] Player : Test
    But everytime I try to set it up like that in the factions config I keep on breaking it. Even when I try to use essentials to do it it just comes out as [[FACTIONS]] [Member] Player : Test. Anyone have any ideas or a solution to this?
  2. What Factions plugin are you using? Some Faction plugins may not allow you to do what your asking.
  3. Regular 1.8 factions with mcore
  4. If you are using MassiveCraft Factions and EssentialsChat, here's some instructions that I found on their website:
    1. In the file /mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json, make sure that these lines are set as so:
      • Code (Text):
        "chatSetFormat": false
        "chatParseTags": true
    2. After saving the instance.json file and restarting your server, you should be able to use the following in the EssentialsChat config.yml:
      • {factions_name} to show your current faction
      • {factions_role} to show your role
      • {factions_title} to show your title
      • Click here to see more
    Hope you can get this figured out!
  5. It's [FACTION] in FactionsUUID