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  1. I been looking all online for how to allow chest access for anyone on the server in any faction. This is for a raid/grief faction server. So i want anyone to be able to open chests...

    Before it use to be easy and simply go into mconf -> instance.json and remove chests from protected things. But now thats gone and I cant seem to figure it out. I looked online but still am having issues.

    I know i can do /f perm set containers all yes

    but this only sets it for a certain faction and not the entire server. Is there a way i can allow chest access from everyone on factions without being able to disable.

    ---- Go down a few posts to see how to fix!
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  2. Anyone please? I cant figure this out.
  3. Bump, please someone help with this issue do i have to downgrade factions?
  4. If you aren't receiving help here, that may mean no one knows.... maybe try message the dev of the plugin, or post your question on the resource page for your plugin.
  5. Finally! I figured it out. There is absolutly NO documentation on how to fix this so I will post here how to fix this issue!

    NEVER MODIFY FACTION WITH YOUR SERVER RUNNING! Always be sure to STOP your server before changing anything in the factions config!

    Go into your server main file directory. Find a folder called "mstore" it will be above your plugins folder. Same area that has your worlds and run.bat file.

    Once you open that folder open "factions_mperm" folder.

    Once in there open "container.json". I recommend opening with notepad++

    Edit the json file to look exactly like this
    Code (Text):

      "priority": 1000,
      "name": "container",
      "desc": "use containers",
      "standard": [
      "territory": true,
      "editable": false,
      "visible": false

    Save and start server! Enjoy!