Spigot Factions Chest 1.8.6

Plugin that allows you to have virtual factions chests.

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    Factions Chest - Plugin that allows you to have virtual factions chests.

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  2. Which factions version is this for? If it isn't already, I highly suggest making this compatible with the @drtshock version of factions.
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  3. faction UUID is not Free !! I am not going to update with a very expensive plagiarism!!
  4. First of all, it's not plagiarism.
    Second, it's available for free on github so it's easy to implement.
  5. I know!
    I do not like plugs so expensive! Minecraft codding is a pastime! And 15 euros it is too expensive!
    It is not my vision ....
  6. th same code of 1.4.7 old faction :/ it's a plagirism ! Yes
  7. Maybe there's a reason why it's called FactionsUUID
  8. just implenting UUID :/ ... for 15$ Mummm
  9. Tag someone if you want an answer...
  10. I have implented FactionsUUID
  11. add SimpleClans for next udapte
  12. I would put a file in 1.7.9 by a few days
  13. I go added also the command / fchest perm < player >.. To give permissions has any player who is not the faction